Math's Helicopter History


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First Helicopter

This was my first helicopter a Kyosho Concept 30 SR-T bought for me by my wife for Christmas 1996. I often wonder would she have bought it for me if she knew what she was letting her self in for! This model had an OS32 SX-H engine, a Futaba 154 Gyro and JR 517 on all controls. The radio I used was a JR437 which was very reliable and never let me down but was only limited by the four model memories. Note the twin boom support, this was on a ball joint and had to be lowered so that a starter motor could gain access to the rear cone start. This model served me well and it was never crashed, however, I did convert the model to a full specification SR-X as you will see on the next page.


©2005 Matthew Ullman