Math's Helicopter History


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Enter my First Xcell

I have always wanted an Xcell helicopter but the price and my flying abilities at the time did not warrant the expense. The opportunity came up that a fellow club member was selling an Xcell together with a PCM10 (the first one). I jumped at the offer and on 11th September 1999 I became the prowed owner of an old Xcell. I took it down to show Dave Wilshere of Motors and Rotors and he very kindly helped me with my quest. I can't thank him enough and in my opinion, Dave is a very good ambassador for Xcell as his advice is sound and fair. The Xcell started off with metal one piece side frames but these were substituted for a stacked carbon frames of amazing quality. I also purchased a professionally sprayed canopy and fins from Dave and this made the helicopter stand out. I have recently sold this helicopter to finance a new procurement.


©2005 Matthew Ullman