Math's Helicopter History


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The black sheep

This model was bought after leaving Sandown May 2002 and I purchased it from Skyline Models. This kit looked good and build well, the only problem was that it never flew well. The first annoying thing was that the tank foamed even at high rpm on the ground! The engine fan and start shaft was given the DTI treatment and after a lot of playing around, the tank was finally quiet in all aspects of flight. Now, on start up on the ground, the heli would wobble and shake, no doubt due to the thin shuttle undercarriage, not forgetting this is a 50 size helicopter with an OS32 SX-H fitted, the shuttle undercarriage was designed for an OS28 originally. The other area of amazing weakness was the head area, where any slight hard landing would see the top mixing arms break which would allow the main blade holders to rotate pushing the blade grip connectors through the head button breaking it. To replace the head button, the whole head yolk has to be replaced. As you can probably tell, I am not a great fan of the Sceadu and this model was sold after only a year. Now I know most of the above problems have been addressed with the introduction of the Evo, but I have had a few Hirobo kits and I find the spares expensive and their designs of late very poor.


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