Math's Helicopter History


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Things electric

Now I wanted one of these new electric indoor helicopters and the MS Hornet took my fancy. This little wonder made things lively in the lounge but mind that tail, don't hit that, sorry love, it won't happen again, honest! Now note from the picture that it is a collective pitch helicopter and now count the cells on that battery, 7 that's correct, but 7 cells is for fixed pitch I hear you cry, I wish Slough Radio Controls told me that when I bought the complete kit from them! After many hours of frustration and limited flights, I tried an 8 cell pack and wow, what a difference. The pitch setup is critical, and once set, it is a dream to fly. Not impressed with the ICG180 though, or was it the slow servo I was sold.

The Hornet II on the other hand is a real winner especially with the LiPo's and twister motor. I did have a lot of flex around the servo area but the carbon and aluminium upgrade by heliup is highly recommended as is the Duzi swash plate and rear engine mount kit. In this form the Hornet has a 15 minute flight envelope which sees loops and very fast rolls thanks to the MS bell hillier upgrade which is cheep!


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