Math's Helicopter History


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My favourite hack

Now I can remember buying this model, I went into Slough Radio Control Models on the 8th January 2003 and I wanted to buy the Rotor Sport magazine when I noticed a very bright orange box on the top shelf, yes it was one of those Raptor 30's. I could not resist and to this day I am pleased I didn't. This partnership with this helicopter has been fantastic, from the very first hover to the last flight I have just had, I always leave the field with a smile. The only things to change with this machine is the clunk weight tubing (from new as it is not very good and it will fail within two months), the plastic washout hub as it is a poor fit and the heli nods slightly and fit a carbon tail pushrod, but I do that to all my models, and fly it. This model has improved my flying immensily as I have not has to worry about the machine, but concentrate on my flying. Now inverted hovering and flying is under by belt as well as death slides with a bit of night flying thrown in all be it fitted with an OS50 engine. This model is highly recommended!


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