Math's Helicopter History


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First Helicopter re-born

This was my first helicopter converted to a Kyosho Concept 30 SR-X. This model still had an OS32 SX-H engine, but now Sported the new ICG360 Gyro which was one of the first sold! When these gyros were first sold, they were like hens teeth to get hold of and I was one of the first lucky few to get my hands on one. This really did transform this model. The servo's were also upgraded, the cyclics were Futaba 9001 coreless and the tail servo was a fast 'buggy' type but I still used JR 517 on throttle and pitch. The radio I used was still the trusty JR437. The Weston Genesis Pro pipe made the engine very peaky but with a blistering head speed, the model came alive. I never crashed this model, but looking back now, the reason I never crashed the model was because I was protecting the model and not advancing. The model had to go!


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