Math's Helicopter History


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My Second Helicopter

My second helicopter bought on the 1st of February 1999 was to be my pride and joy of my fleet (now a total of two helicopters!) but alas it was not to be. From day one, this helicopter gave me nothing but grief. Fitted with an OS46 which was the only part of the helicopter not to give me any grief. To be fair, the helicopter was not too bad once a hex start nut from a Shuttle was fitted to the start shaft but the tail drive and tail pitch linkage was of very poor design. I fitted the Eagle stainless steel tube drive thanks to the excellent Irvine catalogues that allowed direct comparisons and supplied the part numbers to order. This mod stopped the tank from foaming but the tail 'H' links to each blade grip were from the Shuttle and were too short, so I made up aluminium ones that centred the tail pitch slider to give an even rotation rate of the heli allowing the gyro to work correctly.


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